The mission of Invisible Monastery is to inspire 24/7 prayer for priestly & religious vocations in every diocese!

A Billion Catholics Praying in Unison

world-549425_640On World Day of Prayer for Vocations—Sunday, April 17, 2016—1.3 billion Catholics in 196 countries, speaking thousands of languages, are all asked to pray for the same thing: “Lord, send us more priests, sisters, and brothers!”

Every year since 1963, the Holy Father has set aside the Fourth Sunday of Easter—chosen because the scripture readings are about the Good Shepherd—as a special day of intercession for vocations.

What’s your role today? To pray—really pray! Mindful of the millions of Catholics praying with you, will you take a moment now to ask God, from the heart, to call young people from your parish? From your family? Perhaps even to call you?

VV-VocationsRosary,-front-for-webThere are many powerful ways to pray for vocations. Here are a few:

1. Offer your Mass intentions for a specific young man or woman.

2. Pray a rosary for your children and grandchildren to hear God’s call.

3. Pledge to pray daily for vocations at

Jesus promised, “If you ask anything of Me in my name, I will do it” (Jn 14:13). If the Father will grant the prayers of a single person, what if we all ask for the same thing?


Discernment in the Jubilee Year of Mercy

The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy is being held from the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, 2015 to the Feast of Christ the King, November 20, 2016.

Mother Teresa said, “The soul is the window through which we can see God and hear his voice.”  If sin dirties the window, it’s hard to hear God’s call. During this Year of Mercy, the best thing you can do to discern your vocation is to seek forgiveness through the sacrament of Confession. Then, with a clean heart, ask Jesus to show you His will. Encourage others to do the same.



Intercession for Vocations, front for webHoly Hour for Vocations

Pray as a community for vocations, in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Use one of the suggestions here, or pick up an Intercession for Vocations booklet.

Also, encourage discerners to pray a Holy Hour to Know My Vocation.



Do These 4 things

Pope Francis Prayer Card, frontIn his papal message for World Day of Prayer for Vocations, Pope Francis uses the term “con-vocation” to explain that a vocation is not an isolated “me-and-God” experience. Instead, young people hear God’s call within a real Church community. He offers four concrete ways to help youth discover their vocations, emphasizing these things should be done together:

  • Co-teach with a catechist
  • Visit a convent or monastery
  • Help missionaries
  • Spend time with parish priests

How can you organize these activities in your parish? (Hint: the last one is easy!)


The Invisible Monastery Prayer for Vocations

God our Father, You made each of us
to use our gifts in the Body of Christ.
We ask that You inspire
young people whom you call to
priesthood and consecrated life
to courageously follow Your will.

Send workers into Your great harvest
so that the Gospel is preached,
the poor are served with love,
the suffering are comforted,
and Your people are strengthened
by the sacraments.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.