Why We Pray: The Shortage of Priests

Why do we pray for more priests?  Because globally, the number of ordinations is not keeping pace with the number of baptisms.  The result is overworked priests and underserved laity.  For example, in the Philippines, Catholic school children sometimes go for two or three years without access to the Sacrament of Confession.  In much of Africa, there is only one priest per 7,000 Catholics.  In the United States, for every 100 priests who die or retire, only 30 are being ordained.

Nonetheless, there is reason for hope!  A new generation of faithful young priests is inspiring young men to consider anew this rewarding vocation!  As members of the Invisible Monastery, let’s redouble our resolve to faithfully beg the Lord for more holy priests.

rosaryBeautiful Rosary for Vocations Resource

Looking for a concrete way to pray for vocations? Request a copy of “Praying for Vocations” from Maria Regina Cleri.  A handsome booklet includes inspiring, vocations-themed meditations for every mystery of the rosary.

Request a free copy here: http://prayingforourpriests.org/order-free-prayer-aids

Vocation Boom

Vocation Boom is a three-year-old apostolate with a terrific radio show about priestly vocations.  You can listen to every single episode here: http://www.vocationboom.com/vocation-boom-radio

You Only Live Once

An edgy new brochure is written for teens who may feel some skepticism about even considering a vocation to priesthood or religious life.  The theme is YOLO—the millennial generation’s shorthand phrase for “you only live once.

Preview and order here: http://www.vianneyvocations.com/store/products/brochures-and-booklets/

The Invisible Monastery Prayer for Vocations

God our Father, You made each of us to
use our gifts in the Body of Christ.

We ask that You inspire young people
whom You call to the priesthood and consecrated life
to courageously follow Your will.

Send workers into Your great harvest
so that the Gospel is preached,
the poor are served with love,
the suffering are comforted,
and Your people are strengthened by the Sacraments.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

August 2013